+$3,381 – My First Month Of Crypto

+$3,381 – My First Month Of Crypto

You want to know something crazy?

Its been exactly 1 month since I got into the bitcoin craze. Sure, everyone know about this in 2012 and everyone “Should’ve put like $100 in man!” But you didn’t, I didn’t, so shut the fuck up.

My first trade was for Litecoin (LTC) for $50 USD on December, 1st 2017. I knew just enough to get the Bitcoin.

Since, I’ve been learning more and more and getting more involved.

As of this moment, I’m up $3,381.

I’d love to say I made that, but I haven’t taken any profits yet so it could all crash in 10 minutes and it doesn’t mean shit.

How did I do this?

By not knowing what the fuck I’m doing. Made some horrible trades, made some good trades, and most importantly, I still have only half a clue what it all means.

With all that said, I firmly believe this is 100% gambling and equally as skillful as Roulette. I know it’s more than that. I go to the casino expecting to lose it all. That’s how I play Crypto.

The Journey:

Skipping the “I should’ve done it.” in 2012*

A very good friend of mine, Kenny, mentioned to the group chat “Bitcoin is huge.” (He probably didn’t say that, but I’m not scrolling that far up to see)

I had been watching for a few weeks at that point closely. A few days later I pulled the trigger and rounded up $50 to buy 0.51146835 Litecoin (LTC). Why Litecoin? Because it was cheap. What did Litecoin do? Not a damn clue, but it was cheaper than Bitcoin.

Fast forward about a week and somehow people know you’ve gotten involved in cryptocurrency. (I think maybe they hack your brain.) Some more friends, Alejandro and Sami, get involved in the crypto world and we go in and learn together. Buy some more coins, mostly ones we think are cool and assume we know what the hell they do. We don’t really know, it’s just nice to feel like we do. Does anybody REALLY KNOW….?

We’re starting to figure it out. Sort of..

Another couple days go by, I have lunch with Kevin, someone I remember from school but don’t think we ever hung out. Seems like we both have a terrible memory so maybe we were best friends. We talk about nerd money and I show him my sorry looking Blockfolio. We mainly just talk about how some people shouldn’t invest and most importantly: DON’T INVEST ANY MONEY YOU’RE NOT WILLING TO LOSE!

I planned to go elsewhere with this post, but I no longer feel like going and I’m sure by this point you’re so bored and should’ve stopped reading long ago. Just like you “should’ve invested in Bitcoin long ago.”

So here’s the punchline: I invested $11,903 USD blindly. My portfolio is now worth $15,284 USD.

Which is an unheard of 28.4%.




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