Take A Mental Break

Take A Mental Break

Sometimes work can get overwhelming. Sometimes life can stress you out.

A great way to destress is hanging out with friends, a date night, or a family dinner. But, you typically have to wait for those things. If it’s 10am and you’re already feeling overwhelmed, chances are your family dinner isn’t until at least 6pm.

So, what do you do?

I personally would download a new stupid game on my phone weekly. Deleting the game from the week before. This is only because I really don’t like video games, so I could never find one worth playing. The idea was to use the game as an outlet to escape from my stressful situation temporarily. It kind of worked. Most games are mindless, so my mind wander back to where I was attempting to escape.

As you can see, thats a huge flaw for distraction.

Now, I’m sure there all all kinds of ways to get your mind off something. Working out, playing volleyball, gambling. Again, these all take a lot of time and although you CAN do it right now, it’s not always convenient. Especially when you’re only looking for a 5 minute break.

Get to the point already.

I decided to learn a new language. I can only speak English, and at best, order food in Spanish.

This allows me to take a mental break from one thing, and completely focus on another. I thought the point was to stop thinking entirely. I’ll start meditating if I want that. Turns out, I needed to focus my thoughts elsewhere. Spanish is doing that trick for me.

There are tons of apps for learning new languages. I’m finding “Duolingo” to be pretty good. I’m about 4 days in and only really open it when I either need a break, or take a shit.

Yo no learning muy quickly. But, yo quierro learn mas y mas en el upcoming meses.

Cuando yo necissito un break, yo will learn Espanol.



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