Always Another Way

Always Another Way

When I was a kid, I needed to know how everything worked. I was the kid who wouldn’t shut up with the common question, “WHY?”

This mentality got me in some trouble later on in life, but I’m going to ignore that for now. I’m just calling myself out on it so you don’t judge this story.

My terrible memory can’t recall why, but in elementary school, we went to a rollerskating rink for either a field trip or birthday party twice within the matter of a week or so.

I didn’t grow up hungry or not having anything I need. However, I had just that, exactly what I needed, not too much more. If I wanted something, I had to get it myself. I am very grateful I was brought up this way. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be the way I am.

With that said, I lived in a great neighborhood, went to a great school, where almost every other kid got everything the needed and everything they wanted.

Which brings me back to the rollerskating rink. All the other kids got a bunch of tokens to play skee-ball, shoot hoops, and whatever other games gives you tickets to win prizes.

I didn’t have many tokens, and also was pretty terrible at all things related to video games. So it was near impossible for me to earn tickets.

At the end of the first trip to the roller rink, all the kids feed their tickets into the machine, get a receipt for the number of tickets inserted, then go shopping for a prize. I probably got a gum ball and an army man.

This is where theres a fine line between stealing and child development.

I wasn’t going to convince my parents to give me some of their hard earned money to get paper tickets for some stupid prize that would cost a fraction at any store. So I had to figure out another way.

What are paper tickets made out of? Paper.

I’ve got paper in my backpack!

I folded up some college ruled paper a bunch of times, found a hole punch and some scissors, and went to town. By morning, I had hundreds of tickets. There was just one problem. My tickets didn’t look like theirs.

But, does the machine know that? There’s only one way to find out.

Fast forward to rollerskating rink day 2 and everyones winning their tickets. What am I doing? I’m feeding the machine notebook paper by the binder. 100, 200, 300 tickets. 500 tickets. (I’m just making up numbers because I don’t remember how many “tickets” I had. But it was a lot)

I left that place with all the candy and plastic crap any kid could dream of. Yes, thats stealing. Writing this, I should probably go back and give them the $5 in crap I stole 15 years ago.

Lets get to the point I’m trying to make.

  • When I was 21 I bought my first house. I bought both my cars in cash before that, barely used a credit card, had zero credit whatsoever. I was told by many banks that it was impossible to get a mortgage. Not impossible.

  • When I was told I couldn’t sell that house because my HOA was a piece of shit and not allowing anyone to buy or sell in my neighborhood, fuck you. Not impossible.

  • When I was told you will fail miserably as a business owner, just work retail, that’s how the world works. Fuck you. Not impossible.

  • Or even when they tell you that you have to wait in line to ride a theme park ride.

  • I wish I had more examples to put here but I spent way more time on this post than I wanted to and don’t want to think. Think of your own examples. I know you have them.

So when someone tells you that it’s not possible, there’s no other way, this is the way it is. Just know, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Just don’t steal shit like the 10 year old Anthony. Or the 21 year old Anthony…



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