“Entrepreneurship” is Bullshit

“Entrepreneurship” is Bullshit

I think everything is bullshit.

Trendy weight loss, organic food, facial scrubs.

Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. (Maybe I’m trying to rank for “Bullshit” in SEO)

Why not all this crap about entrepreneurship? Why do I buy into it?

They all talk about regret. You’ll regret it if you don’t work. You need to work more. You’re a piece of shit if you don’t put in 168 hours per week. Work, work, work, work, work. (I’m trying to rank for Rhianna)

Maybe I’m not in that position. Maybe I’ll regret missing out on fun. I already make the money everyone wishes they had. I usually preface cocky sentences with “I’m not saying this to be cocky, but [Insert cocky phrase here].” No longer. I’ll just say it.

I spend a fuck load of time doing things that don’t amount to much. I’m always more productive after doing something that isn’t work. Taking a break from it has proven to be more productive for work. Like the gym. 100% more productive after the gym. Why wouldn’t that apply to a date night, picnic, or beach day with the dogs?

Probably would.

I’m not trying to “GET LITTY.” I’m just entertaining the possibility that I have it all wrong. We know all these “entrepreneurs” are full of shit anyways. Why can’t they be wrong?

I think I’ve gotten too involved with the people who want to “make it” when I’ve already “made it” by their definition of finances. Maybe I need to “make it” by living my life. I’m not saying I’m going to spend all my time on fun. It’s still going to be a lot of work because I do enjoy it most of the time. But I WILL regret wasting my 20s working when everyone else WILL regret wasting their 20s having too much fun.


I live by the rule of not comparing myself to others.I don’t care if I had a house 10 years before anyone else, get married 10 years after anyone else, or can’t eat as many hotdogs as Billy. I am in my own boat.

I got carried away on this one. I was comparing myself to other “entrepreneurs.”

By no means is it time to relax. Just take a step back to regroup from time to time. We’re all human and as much as I love working, I remember how much I used to love bullshitting.

…and I sleep for enjoyment anyway. I really don’t require much of it. I can do both.



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