You Can’t Do It All

You Can’t Do It All

This is my biggest problem.

I believe I can do it all.

The problem is not that I think I can do it all but I can’t. The problem is that I actually believe that I CAN do it all.

To date, I have started over 50 businesses. WHAT!? Yes. FIFTY!

Photo: List of folders for businesses I’ve started. Most businesses don’t even get a folder until revenue starts coming in.

Now, less than half we’re successful. Probably more like 10% we’re/are successful. Which is not a bad conversion rate considering. That’s a topic for another time.

I start everyday with the businesses that make money. Do what I have to do as quickly as possible. Then focus on the crap that probably won’t work. There’s so many going on at once, that I have a white board on my desk of businesses that I’m working on (So I don’t forget) and tasks to do for each business that day.

At the present time, I have 8 businesses listed on my white board. 3 of which are successful, 4 seem promising, and 1 will probably be a huge disaster (and kind of already has been). Might be time to wipe that one away.

Do you understand why I believe I can do it all?

I would say I know I can do it all, but I was told not to say “I KNOW” anymore. I’m trying this out.


Serial Killer

Everyone knows what a serial killer is:

a person who commits a series of murders, often with no apparent motive and typically following a characteristic, predictable behavior pattern.

Serial Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur who continuously comes up with new ideas and starts new businesses.

Same concept, less jail time.

A serial killer is defined as someone who commits more than three murders over a period that spans more than one month.

If it’s safe to assume I’m killing the business game, maybe I could be more than a “Serial Entrepreneur.”

What about a “Mass Murderer Entrepreneur,” or “Spree Killer Entrepreneur.”

Maybe morbid. Or maybe I’m a big dreamer. In a sick and twisted way.

Bottom Line: You can do it all. But do you really want to?

I love the idea of doing 1 thing that I love and sticking to it. Creating the one thing that I’m passionate about and doing that forever. That’s just not in my DNA.

I’m Anthony Tranchida, and

I am a Serial Entrepreneur.



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